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2014 Merchandising and Apparel Trends - dfine branding
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2014 Merchandising and Apparel Trends

2014 Merchandising and Apparel Trends

As Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City once said, “They say nothing lasts forever…trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” Replace “friendships” with “smart features,” and we have to agree! While it may be true that nothing lasts forever, we’re glad to see that many of our favorite merchandising and apparel items aren’t going away just yet. With 2014 bringing new trends and options, many of our go-to products are not only still in style, but getting better with time. Here is a glimpse at some of our old favorites and new trends happening in products, apparel and customization this year:



Chargers have been popular for the past few years, but new features for 2014 include multiple adaptors for use with more than one device, global functionality, expanded imprint areas, and bright, full-color branding.


As speaker and earbud popularity continues to grow, so do their customization options and features. These items now support various inputs, Bluetooth, and induction technology, and offer more rugged and waterproof options than ever before.


To the delight of comfort enthusiasts everywhere, apparel has gotten much softer over the past few years. While soft tri-blend T-shirts and moisture-wicking apparel are two trends that aren’t going away, retro and new age color block patterns seem to be making an appearance in apparel this year.


Screen-printing and embroidery aren’t the only decoration options for apparel anymore. New and exciting decoration trends for 2014 include laser etching and embossing techniques, custom zipper pulls, and full-color imprint options in new locations, like backpack straps, for that retail look.


Retail-inspired gifts that are tailored to men’s and ladies’ unique tastes are increasing in popularity this year. These items appeal to recipients with added personalization beyond what gender-neutral gifts can offer.


Water bottles have always been a great on-the-go item. Recent trends we have seen popping up in drinkware include new materials, the return of retro styles and a push for retail brands.


Awards should not only honor the recipient, but also make a strong impact. The latest trend brings an artistic approach to awards, with vivid colors and full-color printing, as well as custom pieces that use unique materials and techniques.


With alternative materials and finishes available, companies are able to create credentials using custom feature integration—including adhesive pockets and double-sided printing—as well as non-standard sizing, imprint areas and die cuts. In addition, new lanyard materials are available to extend the credential branding or event theme.