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Boettcher Foundation - dfine branding
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Boettcher Foundation Logo


While the Boettcher Foundation was completing its visual and messaging rebrand with another agency, the reputable Colorado nonprofit foundation set out to redesign its website as the first project to implement and extend its new brand. dfine Branding was pleased to redesign the new website, and has since copyedited, designed and printed various collateral pieces, and produced branded office merchandise and staff apparel for the foundation, while continuing to manage ongoing website updates and analytics reporting.


Website redesign, copyediting + SEO, Iconography, Collateral + publication content, design + print, Email marketing, Merchandise + apparel

Boettcher Foundation Website


The Boettcher Foundation previously had an outdated website that was lacking modern features and functionalities, and had a confusing layout with a cluttered navigation. The foundation sought a website redesign to coincide with its visual and messaging rebrand being completed by a different agency. After delivering a proposal through their competitive RFP process, dfine Branding embarked on a seven-month-long strategic website redesign for the Boettcher Foundation, targeting the foundation’s primary audiences of potential funding recipients and alumni from four distinct funding programs.

Boettcher Foundation Sitemap Design

The project included search engine optimization (SEO) research, evaluation and implementation; a revised sitemap to simplify the website’s navigation and user experience; a responsive, more clean and modern design that integrated the foundation’s new visual brand identity; photography sourcing from several Colorado universities; and seamless connectivity to third-party Boettcher Foundation portals.

Our custom design work for the new website included a rollover map to highlight the capital grant amounts given by the foundation to nonprofits in every county in the state, an interactive, visual timeline that tells the story of the Boettcher family’s and foundation’s history in Colorado, and more. dfine also copyedited the 40+ pages of website content, integrated a news and press section to allow the Boettcher Foundation to add press releases, news articles and blogs to the website to help them convey pertinent information to their target audiences, and added an event registration platform so the foundation could use their new website to promote upcoming events and gather registrations.

Boettcher Foundation Website Design - dfine Branding

Upon completion of the extensive website redesign, dfine Branding trained the Boettcher Foundation team on the core functionalities of the website that they could update and manage internally. We remain engaged in ongoing maintenance and design updates for the website, as well as quarterly Google Analytics reporting.

Boettcher Foundation Website Design - dfine Branding


In coordination with the website redesign project, the Boettcher Foundation requested custom-designed icons for its internal leadership portal. The eight icons were requested to represent and help illustrate complex and philosophical leadership concepts with a simple design. dfine Branding hand-sketched the first round of icon concepts, each featuring a recurrent androgynous and ageless “leader” character intended to relate to all audiences of past and current Boettcher scholars. After the pencil sketches were approved, dfine designed the final icons graphically in a vector format using the new Boettcher Foundation brand colors.


Beyond a few miscellaneous collateral pieces, the Boettcher Foundation’s new brand had not yet been extended into a full-scale print piece when the organization approached dfine Branding in need of a redesigned annual report. Although the organization had distributed a “Year in Review” report for years, the design and messaging were in the style of the old brand, so the publication needed an overhaul.

Since Boettcher Foundation’s new brand celebrates the community, embraces change and invites collaboration, dfine focused on the idea of “connections” within the design. We incorporated a ribbon element—comprised of the mark within the new logo—throughout the sections of the report to help illustrate the connections within. 

This was reiterated by sections of copy called “Boettcher Connections,” which highlighted interesting ways the foundation’s programs and funding recipients have crossed paths, connected and collaborated to improve their efforts. The cover design featured fully custom typography utilizing the ribbon design. We copyedited, designed and produced 200 print copies of the 2015 Year in Review reports.

Boettcher Foundation Annual Report
Boettcher Foundation Annual Report
Boettcher Foundation Annual Report


In coordination with the website launch and a large event, the Boettcher Foundation requested pocket-sized cards they could distribute to their brand ambassadors that would contain the foundation’s new brand identity design, contact information and key brand messages. dfine Branding designed a single-fold card and managed the production of 150 printed cards on card stock weight paper with a gloss finish so the cards would have longevity for repeated use by brand ambassadors as they spoke about the Boettcher Foundation within their communities.

Boettcher Foundation Ambassador Cards
Boettcher Foundation Ambassador Cards


Each year, the Boettcher Foundation selects 42 Colorado high school students to receive its prestigious full-ride scholarship to any four-year college or university in Colorado. Previously, the foundation sent the scholarship award letters with a non-designed, black and white resource packet of information for the students to consider when deciding whether or not to accept their Boettcher Scholarship offer. The Boettcher Foundation decided to overhaul the information packets into a full-color, designed collateral piece that would incorporate the new visual brand along with the pertinent information.

dfine Branding - Boettcher Foundation Scholarship Book

Since the scholar resource booklets were distributed to high-achieving 18-year-old students, with a goal of creating excitement about the Boettcher Scholarship offer within, dfine Branding jumped at the opportunity to incorporate a youthful energy into the design. We carried the ribbon element into this piece to create consistency from the annual report design, but also included vibrant photos of students and bold color blocks that yielded a more playful, energetic design to appeal to the demographic for this specific collateral piece. dfine also copyedited the content and produced 100 print copies of the booklets.

dfine Branding - Boettcher Foundation Scholarship Book
dfine Branding - Boettcher Foundation Scholarship Book

Additionally, we sourced and fulfilled an adhesive pocket on the front inside cover so the Boettcher Foundation could insert the scholarship award letters and several additional, personalized handouts for each recipient prior to distributing the booklets. Many of the recipients took photos with their scholarship award letters and resource booklets and posted them to social media to share their excitement!


The Boettcher Foundation previously sent an e-newsletter to its scholar alumni audience, but the design and layout was outdated. The foundation also identified a need to create a new e-newsletter for its trustees to keep this audience updated on announcements, news and upcoming events. dfine Branding designed two drag-and-drop e-newsletter templates for the Boettcher Foundation to use for its newsletters in the MailChimp email marketing platform.

dfine Branding - Boettcher Foundation Newsletter

After meeting with the client to identify the content sections each newsletter needed to contain, dfine designed a customized template, featuring the new Boettcher Foundation brand identity, the ribbon graphic from the previous print collateral pieces, and custom icons for each content section in the same style as the website iconography.

dfine Branding - Boettcher Foundation Newsletter
dfine Branding - Boettcher Foundation Newsletter


“dfine Branding was a wonderful partner in our website redesign project. They took the time to learn our brand architecture and developed a website that was informative, engaging and 100 percent in brand. They were efficient, patient and professional every step of the way. They have also helped us to communicate our brand through a variety of marketing pieces that have already proven to be effective!”