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Brand Identity Management - dfine branding
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Brand Identity Management

Brand identity management brings everything together under one roof to ensure branding cohesion and consistency.

dfine Branding works to carefully manage all aspects and stages of your brand’s development and extension over time, safeguarding the valuable identity, promises and reputation your brand has established with its key audiences.

Brand Fundamentals

A brand is not just a name and a logo, but rather a distinct personality and identity that exists throughout all tangible and intangible aspects of your company, such as your products and services, logo, messaging, packaging, customer experiences and emotional connections to your brand, reputation, brand equity, and the people and culture associated with your brand.

Brand Identity Management

After your brand is developed and extended, dfine Branding offers brand identity management as a strategic ongoing consultation service to monitor and ensure that your brand identity and personality are consistently and cohesively communicated to a targeted demographic of internal and external audiences throughout all customer touch points within and around your organization. These include your marketing collateral, website, merchandise and apparel, office and retail environments, advertising, employee behavior, company culture, online reputation and more. Successful brand identity management establishes credibility, customer loyalty and market share growth through familiarity, awareness and recognition of your brand.

dfine Branding provides brand identity management services to ensure your brand is consistently strategic, strong and honest over time, keeping different audiences in mind, so your company can strategically connect with each of its target audiences and adapt to changes in the marketplace to cultivate a positive reputation, high awareness level and increased brand loyalty. Achieving these can lead to positive benefits for your brand and bottom line, including increased brand equity and overall value of the company, motivating clientele to choose your products or services over your competitors’ and increasing the credibility and trust in your products and services for long-term customer attainment and retention.

See examples of our brand identity management work in our portfolio, or contact usfor more information about how dfine Branding can support your brand with brand identity management.