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Brand Strategy + Development

Brand strategy and development establishes clear identities and sets a strong foundation for future brand extension.

dfine Branding works to discover, identify, establish, implement and position your brand, setting a strategic direction for all future branding projects.

Brand Discovery + Strategy Development

Our brand strategy and development services start with a discovery phase, where we gain a clear understanding of the specific goals, needs and preferences for your brand. Depending on the stage of development of your brand, dfine can help you develop a strategic foundation for your brand. This typically includes a brand mission to declare who your company is, what it does and why it does it; a brand vision to define the position your company strives to hold in the marketplace relative to your competitors, customers and stakeholders; and brand values, which are the priorities and principles that form the foundation of your brand experience. We then explore your brand promise, which is a statement about the experiences, products and services you guarantee to deliver to your customers. Brand promises are declared with words, upheld through actions, and backed with proof in performance. Next, dfine Branding will distinguish your brand from competitors with a targeted brand strategy, and will determine your brand positioning, points of parity and core differentiators.

Brand Messaging Establishment

We’ll also help you map out the internal and external target audience(s) to whom your brand is speaking, and ensure that the language used to communicate with those audiences is consistent, relevant and concise by establishing brand messaging.


If your brand is already established, but outdated or ineffective and in need of a re-brand, we will revitalize your company’s identity to breathe fresh, new life into your brand and redefine your brand strategy.

Brand Identity Design + Development

Our graphic design team takes all of your strategic brand foundation elements into consideration when designing your brand identity, which is the visual representation of your brand mission, vision, values and personality expressed in words, logos, colors, fonts, imagery styles and more. Your brand identity is communicated to your internal and external audiences wherever your brand is extended, including brand stationery, websites, advertisements, product packaging, marketing collateral, merchandise and apparel, events, communications and retail/office décor. With all of our teams under one roof, our designers consult with our merchandise and communication teams to ensure that their designs will work for all brand extensions, such as apparel embroidery or square social media graphics, so we don’t just design something that looks cool; we make sure your brand identity design will work in all uses for your specific goals and audience.

At the end of the brand strategy and development phase, your brand will have a solid mission, vision, values, promise, positioning, target audience definitions, messaging, logo design, tagline and product/service names, and a comprehensive brand standards guide to set a consistent, cohesive and strong foundation for all future brand extensions.

See examples of our brand development work in our portfolio, or contact us for more information about how dfine Branding can support your brand with brand strategy and development.