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Candace Caveza - dfine branding
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Candace Caveza

director of brand finance

What was your path to dfine?

I was a freelance accountant for 20 years and my business included a number of small businesses. I started working with Danna in 2004 while performing accounting services for Advantage Golf and Hip Consulting. Danna has been one of my entrepreneur clients for many years and this ongoing relationship has gradually increased. I was fortunate to have Danna ask me to help her with the accounting for dfine Branding. I enjoy being a part of the team and assisting dfine Branding to be a successful, respected, and valued small business.

How do you “dfine” branding and what it means to you?

Branding is a message that creates a feeling for a company; a logo, colors and text that bring to mind a recognizable image.

What is your favorite brand and why?

Chanel is my favorite brand. Classy!

What is it you are happiest doing?

Hanging out with my husband and family. We have some of the greatest adventures.