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E-commerce Packaging we Love

E-commerce Packaging we Love

With more and more people doing their shopping online, it is becoming essential for brands to think about their e-commerce packaging. When a customer places an order online, their only tangible interaction with the brand is when they receive their product. This means brands and retailers need to rethink their shipping packaging. A standard cardboard shipping box isn’t going to wow customers. It’s time for shipping boxes to have a makeover. Here are a few examples of e-commerce packaging that we love.

Glossier is a beauty and skincare brand. They believe beauty should be fun, easy imperfect and personal- just like their packaging.

What we love: They add a catchy tagline to the inside of the box that further conveys their brand and messaging, establishing a stronger connection between the consumer and the brand.

Parasol Co. is a diaper and wipes subscription box that is delivered to your doorstep every month.

What we love: This company has paid close attention to their packaging. They have reimagined the way you think of diapers. Their attention to detail in their packaging and design portrays their message that “experience matters.”

Thelma’s Treats is a cookie company based in Des Moines, Iowa. The cookies are not delivered in any old box, but a box shaped as an oven for an extra fun touch.

What we love: This oven shaped box fits perfects with the family owned company and solidifies their motto, “our cookies are made fresh and delivered warm right out of the oven.”

“Convenient snacks delivered to your door,” that is Graze’s motto.

What we love: Graze often changes their packaging based the on the season or holiday for an extra personal touch. Graze is another subscription box, which makes the packaging even more important since this is the only way customers can experience their brand in person.

Here is an example of packaging that is simple and to the point. Need Supply Co. is a clothing and lifestyle store that ships worldwide.

What we love: They have adorned their shipping packaging with the phrase, “Hello: I’m here.” It’s like the customer’s much-awaited packages is giving them a greeting and reassuring them that the wait is over.