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Environmental Branding

Environmental Branding creates a tangible presence for brand personality, values, identity and messaging within office, retail and event spaces.

dfine Branding works to discover, develop, write, design, produce and install office, retail and event environmental branding to portray your brand’s foundational elements, identity and messaging to stakeholders on internal and external signage, art, décor and displays within and surrounding your physical spaces.

Environmental Brand Discovery + Planning

Environmental branding starts with your brand’s foundational elements, and it starts with a vision—a vision for the brand experience you want to extend to everyone who walks through the doors of your permanent or temporary spaces. That includes employees, vendors, clients/customers, investors, family, friends, neighbors, delivery personnel, event attendees; you name it. What are the personality traits, values and messages you want your visitors to notice about your brand or event when they walk into your space? How will people find your office or retail store within a larger office complex or shopping center, or specific breakout sessions within a large conference venue? How do you want your brand to be portrayed on those wayfinding signs? When they’re inside, how much branding do you want to be reflected in your art, décor, product displays or room setup? Is co-branding a factor? Is your environmental branding for this location establishing a look and feel that will set the standard for future office locations or stores—and if so, does it need to be scalable or adaptable to other geographical locations or space limitations?

dfine Branding starts our environmental branding projects with a discovery phase so we can ask these and many more questions to get to the bottom of your goals and vision for your office, retail and event environmental branding. Our goal is to ensure your brand design elements, mission, values and messaging act as the foundation for the overall look and feel of your office or retail space or event venue to help create consistency in your stakeholders’ experience with your brand.

After the discovery phase, we get to work on the planning. Depending on whether or not your space is being constructed or renovated, we’ll evaluate the space or architectural renderings and take measurements and photographs to identify specific opportunities for branding within your environment. Our merchandise team will also start sourcing possible product materials.

Environmental Brand Design + Messaging

After the discovery and planning phase is complete, dfine Branding’s design and communication teams will brainstorm and present creative concepts in line with the insights gained during the discovery phase, then we’ll start developing and executing the concepts you select. Our design team will begin by creating visual mockups of placement and sizing of all conceptual environmental branding elements on photos of your space and/or architectural renderings. Meanwhile, our communication team will develop content and write brand messaging to be used on the environmental branding elements, as appropriate to communicate your desired messages within your various spaces. You’ll have a chance to see the full picture in schematic designs as they would look in your space—on your walls, on your exterior signs, etc. prior to making your selections.

Environmental Brand Production + Installation

Upon acceptance of the final design and communication concepts, our design, communication and merchandise teams will collaborate to directly manage and oversee all of the ordering, production, installation and implementation efforts of your environmental branding, including design elements, print production, hardware, signage and materials. We will work with our installation team to work around your construction/move-in dates, business hours and/or contracted event space dates and times to avoid as much disruption to your day-to-day business as possible during this process.

Environmental Branding Corporate Guidelines

Upon completion of your environmental branding, dfine Branding can create corporate environmental brand guidelines for your office or retail branding to be followed by your employees, which we highly recommend if you plan to expand or extend your environmental branding into other offices, stores or events.

dfine Branding’s merchandise, communication, design, logistics and fulfillment teams all work together to ensure each element of your environmental branding comes together in your permanent or temporary brand environments.

See examples of our environmental branding work in our portfolio, or contact us for more information about how dfine Branding can support your brand with environmental branding.