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Kate Muñoz - dfine branding
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Kate Muñoz

vp of brand operations

What was your path to dfine?

After working as a field marketing manager for a dog boarding and daycare facility, I started a position at a company specializing in branded merchandise, where I met Danna. I quickly learned my way around the industry, and a couple years later I was lucky enough to be swooped up by dfine. I’m excited to continue to grow with this amazing company!

How do you “dfine” branding and what it means to you?

Branding helps identify the character of a company. It creates an emotional connection that gives people a stronger tie to the brand. When executed successfully, the individualization creates top-of-mind awareness and customer loyalty.

What is your favorite brand and why?

Dove is a brand that stands out to me. It carries a consistent and positive message of diverse beauty throughout its platforms. Dove transcends itself from skin and hair care products to an experience that makes users feel good about themselves, the product they’re using and the brand they’re supporting.

What is it you are happiest doing?

Sitting on a nice, sunny patio with my favorite people and a cocktail.