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Merchandise, Apparel, Accessories + Recognition - dfine branding
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Merchandise, Apparel, Accessories + Recognition

Branded merchandise, apparel, accessories and recognition infuses fashion and style into your sales, promotion and award initiatives.

dfine Branding works to source, design, produce and deliver branded merchandise, apparel, accessories and awards to help extend your brand with intention.


dfine Branding incorporates your brand foundation, identity, messaging, positioning, strategy and goals into our tangible brand extension services. Paired with an intent-based mentality and our merchandising, design, communication and fulfillment teams’ individual strengths, capabilities and relationships, we deliver quality branded merchandise for your company. The longevity of your branding relationship with your employees, customers and internal and external stakeholders relies on your tangible brand extension. Creating and distributing consistent and relevant branded product to enhance your brand’s image and visibility helps extend the life of your brand.

With this service, dfine Branding sources, designs, produces, packages and distributes tangible branded merchandise, including, but not limited to: drinkware, technology items, notebooks, bags and totes, premium and executive gifts, tradeshow giveaways, lifestyle and home gifts, holiday-specific items, and products from retail and luxury brands with custom branding options. We also offer extensive material resources, creative domestic, international, reliable and fair-trade sourcing, custom design and build, and custom and overseas production options to help you find the perfect branded gift for your recipients.

Apparel + Accessories

Branded apparel and accessories extend your brand’s image onto wearable items. Unfortunately, brands cannot control whose hands their branded apparel and accessories end up in—therefore who physically displays and portrays their brand to the public by wearing these items. What brand managers, marketers, advertisers and communication personnel can control are their intention for these items and selection of a trusted partner to execute their vision for their branded apparel and accessories.

Is the intention of your branded apparel and accessories purchase to passively “check the box” on providing a gift, re-ordering store stock or providing the same new employee welcome apparel options that have been offered for years? Or, are you hoping to distribute demographic-based, designed and decorated high-quality apparel or accessory items that showcase your brand’s image, culture and presence with style, ensuring your recipients will want to keep and wear these items?

The collaboration of dfine Branding’s design and merchandising teams ensures that the product quality and detail, brand style and design, decoration process and production, and final implementation strategy aligns with your unique brand identity, messaging, goals and desired impact for your branded apparel and accessories. We strive to find, design and produce the most appropriate apparel and accessories for your brand and recipients. To help us meet that goal, we offer a wide variety of corporate, fashion and performance apparel, private label and custom design options, various decoration techniques and more.


dfine Branding recognizes that appropriately acknowledging and rewarding your employees’ and business partners’ exceptional contributions is an important part of your brand management goals. dfine Branding can provide unique and custom awards for many occasions, including tenure, safety, donor and sponsor programs. Unlike the standard, run-of-the-mill trophy or plaque that so many companies provide, we think outside of the box when it comes to designing, building and/or sourcing one-of-a-kind, custom or luxury awards that will help you express your genuine appreciation with lasting impact and style.

Selection, Fulfillment + Distribution

Our related services, including custom virtual product catalog design and distribution, online redemption programs, luxury gift suites, and custom packaging, gift-wrapping and fulfillment/logistics enable you and your recipients to enjoy a seamless selection, order and receipt process for your branded gifts.

See examples of our branded merchandise, apparel, accessories and recognition work in our portfolio, or contact us for more information about how dfine Branding can support your brand with merchandise, apparel, accessories and recognition services.