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Raeann Langas - dfine branding
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Raeann Langas

brand communications + design coordinator

What was your path to dfine?

After graduating from Drake University, I made the move back to Colorado to start my job search. I studied journalism and graphic design and I knew I wanted to enter into a creative field where I could continue to learn and grow. I came across a posting for a position with dfine Branding. After meeting the team, I fell in love with the company and knew dfine would be the perfect place to start my career.

How do you “dfine” branding and what it means to you?

Branding is your identity. It is what makes you stand apart and why people love your brand. It is a way to show your personality and differentiate yourself from competitors.

What is your favorite brand and why?

Currently, I have been keeping a very close eye on Aerie. It is the lingerie sister store of American Eagle Outfitters. They launched a campaign featuring all un-retouched models. For a fashion brand to say no to Photoshop is a powerful move. This statement resonated with their customers, and showing un-retouched models in the media helped young women accept their body types.

What is it you are happiest doing?

Spending time with the people that I love. I think it is so important to establish deep and meaningful relationships because in the end it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you’re with. Sorry for being so cliché, but it’s true!