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Ryan Crawford - dfine branding
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Ryan Crawford

brand account director

What was your path to dfine?

LA>VA>NC>NY>CO. After several years working at agencies in NYC, I decided to leave the city and get back to nature in Colorado. Upon arriving in Denver I began looking for new agencies and before too long I came across dfine. Good culture, work and people (especially people) are what I value most, and after a phone call with Danna I knew immediately that dfine was perfect for me. Lucky for me I was invited to join the team.

How do you “dfine” branding and what it means to you?

Branding is so much more than a logo or a campaign or the visual presence of a company. Branding is your values, what you stand for, your personality, your relationship with others, how they perceive and interact with you. It’s not just for companies. We all have our own brand. And I like to think that I line up pretty closely with George Clooney’s.

What is your favorite brand and why?

Anything that falls under Elon Musk’s empire. SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop etc. All of his projects and companies set out to make the world a better place than it was the day before. I respect that immensely. Tesla even open sourced all their patents to encourage more progress in sustainable energy. We need more brands like this.

What is it you are happiest doing?

Eating pizza. Without a doubt.