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Unique Event Uniform Ideas That Are Anything But Boring - dfine branding
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Unique Event Uniform Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

Unique Event Uniform Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

Who says event uniforms + staff apparel have to be boring? Send the polo packing, change-up the cardigan and boot the button down. Here at dfine, we always try to think outside of the box, even when it comes to things like event uniforms. It’s easy to revert to a polo with your company’s logo on the chest but there are so many opportunities to let your brand and creativity shine through.

Love Your Location | Draw inspiration from where your event is being held and tie that into your event uniforms. If your event is being held on the beach in Mexico, dfine can source swim shorts with your brand colors and pair it with a branded tee. We will throw in some fun flip flops to take it to the next level. If your event is happening in the mountains, or in a colder climate, we will use practical and on-trend items like puffer vests, flannels, beanies and mittens.


Accessorize | Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Utilizing accessories to portray your brand is much more unexpected than the traditional promotional tee or polo, and more versatile for the staff. Be intentional with the design to make it unique to your brand and story. These items will definitely make people look twice. We guarantee that a printed pair of sneakers is much more intriguing than a traditional v-neck t-shirt. At dfine, we can create any pattern or design for your accessories.


Sequence of Events| If your event spans over a few days, mix up the uniforms throughout the event. We will think about staff apparel as a collection of items over the course of the event which allows you to portray your brand in different ways. All of the items work together as a whole, but can also be relevant to the particular activities being held each day.



Upgrade the Expected | If you decide to take a more traditional approach and go for a polo, jacket or pullover. We can experiment with imprint types, locations, colors and styles to add some flare. Place the imprint in untraditional areas like the hip or sleeve, add other elements to your brand’s logo like a patter that can make your tradition t-shirt or jacket stand out. There are several imprint methods available outside of embroidery—let the dfine team guide you to the best fit for your brand and event.




Be Resourceful | Re-useable adhesive fabric stickers allow for more freedom when it comes to branding apparel. We can design and produce a custom shirt with your company logo and utilize these removable stickers based on your event. This is also a budget friendly option because you can re-use your t-shirts for multiple events and simply replace the fabric sticker. Another great way to utilize these completely custom stickers, is to have event staff wear a plain t-shirt and simply place the sticker on the chest or sleeve.